1. Heart Rate Monitors

    All this time, and I still hadn’t picked up a heart rate monitor.  They seemed like an expensive extra that wasn’t very necessary.

    My attitude toward them has changed now that I’m trying to work off the rest of my gut.  Eating is, by far, the most challenging aspect of a healthier life-style.  The exercise is easy to get up and do.  Choosing healthier food and the correct amount of calories is proving to be a considerable chore for me.

    So I went looking for an inexpensive calorie counter, and I had a surprisingly difficult time finding one.  The only HRMs (heart rate monitors) that had over all decent reviews were at least $50, but those, too, had mixed comments.  The $100 and more products seemed to have generally favorable reviews, but there’s no way that I want to spend that kind of money on an HRM.

    What I finally decided on was the Pyle Sports PHRM26 for a palatable $36 (plus free shipping).  It has some nasty reviews, but some of those reviews seem to be from people who were unable to follow the instructions.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed. I did throw in some Electrode Gel, which is supposed to help these devices function better.

    Too bad it’s not something that can be worn during karate class.  I’d be very curious to see a report on those two hours.

    I should get it in a few days, and I’ll be sure to write some quick comments about it after I’ve used it for the first week.  Wish me luck.  From the reviews, I just may need it! :)

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