1. 2 million Facebook, Gmail and Twitter passwords stolen in massive hack →

    Sony is also resetting (some?) passwords for their PlayStation Network.

  2. This tool blocks all sponsored stories and ads on Facebook →

    Adblock Plus, which most of you already run, is the “tool” talked about.  They have a new filter subscription - 3 new, actually, each providing you some choices in what you would like to block or not block.

  3. Facebook Privacy Settings for Teens is Changing →

    Parents, click this link.  The first sentence says it all:  “Facebook is at it again”.  Your kids’ Facebook privacy settings are about to get much less private.

  4. Firm: Facebook's shadow profiles are 'frightening' dossiers on everyone | ZDNet →

    Attention getting headline aside, the issue is nonetheless unpleasant.  Facebook is creating profiles for people who do not have Facebook accounts. These so-called “shadow profiles” are constructed, at least initially, when users on Facebook add your data: Your name, phone number(s), email addresses, photos of you (particularly when they tag you), and so on.

    It becomes more problematic when Facebook responds saying that they have no intention of providing a way to let people remove these “shadow profiles” or of “opting out”.  Not that we should have to “opt out” in the first place, but that’s a different post.

    In other words, as we all know, Facebook is the biggest creeper on the Internet.

  5. Instagram & Facebook Asking For Your Government Issued Photo IDs Now, Too →

    Hey, facebook and Instagram users.  You’ll want to read this. lol XD  You best be willing to give some corporation your government issued ID and birth certificate and / or other official papers.. lol.. really?  Yeah really.  This is legit.  You all just enjoy that.  My god I’m laughing so hard right now.

    Leaving facebook was one of the best things that I’ve ever done, ever.

  6. facebook is like an overprotective mother.... →



    facebook is like an overprotective mother



    Via/Follow The Absolute Greatest Posts…ever.

    Facebook is actually much more like a stalker. It wants to know everything that you’re doing, where you work, it wants your current location and where you’ve been, who you’re hanging out with, it tracks a timeline of your actions, and it wants photos of you, your family, your friends and the places you go, and it tries to look at your browsing history.

    …and it wants to know everything about those people, too, “to better understand you”.

    Facebook is (seriously) creepy.

  7. Instagram Can Sell Users' Photos Without Notice →

    Instagram is planning on changing its privacy and sharing policies to reflect its right to sell users photographs without offering any notification or payment, also stating that the change in policy cannot be opted out of.

    This also includes your name, location, and comments.

  8. The Nonexistent Facebook Democracy Is Now Gone for Good →

    Forbes lays it out in plain, straight forward language and tears into Facebook in the process.

  9. Facebook Ads Everywhere, Misleading Emails From FB →

    Yes, my second post on Facebook failures.  Why yes, I am grinning and shaking my head, basking in the (possibly smug) comfort that I deleted my FB account some time ago.

  10. Facebook replaces users' e-mails with site-specific address →

    This link is to an article that talks about the latest Facebook derpping, and mentions a second one that they somehow had the sense to stop testing.

  11. LinkedIn cracked, 6.5 million passwords obtained

    LinkedIn, the “professional” social networking site, has been cracked.  The passwords of 6.5 million accounts have been obtained and released to the public.

    Apparently, LinkedIn has been very slow in responding to the situation, and in reading their response it appears that they’re still trying to distance themselves from responsibility.

    Anyway, just a PSA.

    edit: Forgot the link: http://gizmodo.com/5916332/bigpenis-and-65-million-other-sad-stupid-leaked-linkedin-passwords

  12. Conditioning, et al

    We had no beginners at the dojo this evening, so we had a 2+ hour intermediate class.  Much of the class was focused on conditioning, which I certainly need, as well as application practice.

    A lot of time was also spent using Pinan Godan in various ways.  From blocking shinai, to repeating each move four times in some application, it was a good combination of conditioning and practice.

    I am of course skipping a lot of detail, since I want to get out of the habit of writing small books as my posts.  I’m not sure if anyone read those to begin with. :)  Suffice to say, though, that I think that we all enjoyed this evening at the dojo.

    Well, I certainly did anyway.

    Oh, there’s one unrelated note to mention.  I discovered that a Facebook account is no longer deleted via emailing them.  Rather, it’s done from inside of the FB account, so I needed to sign in one last time.  That makes it another 2 weeks that the old account will be sitting around in a deactivated state.

  13. finally ditched facebook

    I’ve been meaning to do that for awhile.  Now I’ll wait a couple of weeks before I email them and request “permanent” deletion.  If I read correctly, it takes 14 days for the deactivation process to be “official”, or whatever, then it’ll take another couple of weeks after emailing them for the “deletion” to take effect.

    So, I’m probably looking at a month and some change before my facebook account is gone permanently.  They sure like to hold on tight.