1. Battle.net Accounts Stolen (again)

    With my apologies for stepping only briefly outside of the focus of this Tumblr, this seemed important enough to give everyone a ‘heads up’.  Blizzard’s RMT item shop in Dialbo III (and consequently my bank account) would be a concern for me right now, had I bought that game.

    This was (quietly) announced on August 10th.

    Info: http://www.giantbomb.com/news/change-your-battlenet-password/4321/

  2. LinkedIn cracked, 6.5 million passwords obtained

    LinkedIn, the “professional” social networking site, has been cracked.  The passwords of 6.5 million accounts have been obtained and released to the public.

    Apparently, LinkedIn has been very slow in responding to the situation, and in reading their response it appears that they’re still trying to distance themselves from responsibility.

    Anyway, just a PSA.

    edit: Forgot the link: http://gizmodo.com/5916332/bigpenis-and-65-million-other-sad-stupid-leaked-linkedin-passwords