1. Getting home from a really tough race



    Or trail running, a tough karate class, or…

  2. This is some solid advice.

    This is some solid advice.

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  3. Today I went to a few different gyms. I asked about the local job market for personal trainers. The local YMCA is currently hiring two in addition to who they already employ, and another gym suggested that they would be hiring this Summer.

    The feeling that I walked away with is that the job market for personal trainers in my area is good, and (of course) even better in near by larger cities based on what I was told. I really like this idea.

    Now I need to learn more about what’s required for certification. I’m going to look over ACE and CSCS (since I already have a 4 year degree). If I can do this, I feel that my martial arts background, psychology education, and personal fitness life style can add a lot to it.

    We’ll see, but I walked out of the gyms with a good feeling about this.

    EDIT: Isn’t this sweet? My university does computer based ACE certification tests. In MY hall, no less (the hall that houses the psychology classes). How cool is that? I think this basically sells me on ACE haha.

    It looks like CPR certification is required to get certified as a personal trainer. Makes sense. I’m not sure where I would go to get CPR certified.

  4. Companies now tracking employee fitness: Healthy or creepy? →

  5. I made a quick page for my personal records (via RunKeeper) for those of you who are interested:


  6. As you can see, I went on a short run today in spite of this being my “rest day”. Going for a run in the rain seemed like the thing to do.

    My personal record for fastest average pace is 12:34 per mile. Today’s time is just a bit shy of that PR. Had I jogged a little more I’m sure that I would have beaten it. On the other hand, it was raining and I do have asthma. Lots of moisture in the air + asthma = bad, so I think that I did quite well.

    ……..and my father had a full-blown seizure while I was writing this. Get healthy, people. It’s not just about you. Sometimes others depend entirely on your strength.

  7. I’ll need to take a break from the bike trail for the next few days. Not only do I need to give my body a rest from that workout, it’s also going to be storming & raining. The trails will be muddy, and the temps are going to drop into the 20s (around -4 C).

    Thankfully I have a schedule to follow. The trail running has been a welcomed change to the usual, but working out inside sure beats going out in the cold.

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Gettin buffered.


    Gettin buffered.

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  9. 2014 Get: Round 2, Week 2, Saturday

    Today’s workout deviated from the scheduled workout, but all of you already knew that. Today was a little.. different.

    I returned to the bike trail today. Someone was there with a dirt bike (they had apparently missed the large sign that says “no motor vehicles of any kind”). There was frequently no line of sight between us (we couldn’t see each other at all) but I would hear the motor of the bike get closer so I would have to step off of the trail (if possible) in case he came charging down my particular path. Extra vigilance = I didn’t get ran over by a dirt bike. Yay!

    That made things a little more “interesting” and it also slowed down my average pace, understandably.

    I hit the hills much sooner and more frequently to make up for the frequent stops. The majority of the hills are noticeably higher than I am tall. One or two would easily reach the top of my house’s roof. Those that aren’t so tall tend to be lined up in a kind of wave pattern. Just to give an idea of the workout that it provides. Pretty solid. You really need to watch your footing.

    It seriously worked my legs today. Asthma was so-so; not too bad.

    Once home I rested longer than intended because the TV was already in use. The wait was roughly 20 minutes. I eventually did the more intense LIVE version of Combat 60 since I had rested longer than anticipated.

    The catch is that Combat 60 LIVE hits the legs, too, which makes today some sorcerous combination of leg day + interval cardio training.

    Fun times!

  10. I’m seriously considering returning to the bike trail today. Yesterday was great, I feel great today, the weather’s great. It’s kind of a no brainer. Today’s scheduled workout is Core Synergistics from P90X and Combat 60 from Les Mills Combat.

    I suspect that I could easily do about 20 minutes or so at the bike trail, and then come back home and do Combat 60. Plus my asthma is not bothering me nearly like it was yesterday, so I wonder if I could get better performance on the trails today. It’s unlikely, but I am kind of curious.

    On the other hand it’s supposed to be much warmer today so I wonder how that will effect my performance.

  11. 2014 Get: Round 2, Week 2, Friday

    I did something different today since the weather was so good. I did two workouts today. One outside at the bike trail where - after warming up - I chose the paths with a lot of hills. Some of the hills are quite big, although most were only around 10 ft or so.

    RunKeeper auto-paused on a number of occasions while I made my way up some of the steeper hills, but I think that it caught some of them. Its auto-pause is way too sensitive.

    Here’s a screen shot from my RunKeeper data:

    Note that I don’t know if I can trust RunKeeper’s “climb” data. I have no means to test it to verify the numbers.

    After returning home I had a short rest and ate a few strawberries (yay natural sugars!) and a fork smothered in peanut butter (yay good fats and protein! Peanutbutter? More like Winbutter).

    After this rest I did Les Mills Combat: Combat 45 at full intensity while holding the 1.5lb weights. Then I decided to toss in some extras and topped today’s workout with alternating 60 push-ups and 60 crunches.

    A fairly solid Friday.

  12. 2014 Get: Round 2: Week 2: Day 2

    Today’s exercise for 2014 Get has been completed.

    Kenpo X really is too easy. However, you can noticeably increase the intensity by focusing on proper form for kicks, punches, and other body movements.

    Note that Kenpo X is listed as an hour long workout but the actual workout is only 45 minutes long - coincidentally that’s the minimum recommended time for fat burning. The first 15 minutes is a Yoga session that’s used for warm up. Which I skip and do some running in place, jumping jacks, lateral bouncing, arm circles, and so on and then fast forward to the workout.

    Anyway, enough of these rambles.

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woah that’s awesome


    woah that’s awesome

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  14. 2014 Get: R2 WK 1 Day 4

    Round 2, Week 1, Day 4 -

    Half of today’s scheduled workout has been completed. Severe storms are moving into the area and I do not expect to do the 2nd scheduled workout for today.

    Done today: Combat 30 LIVE, a much more intense version of their 30 minute workout.