1. i-choose-fit-deactivated2013090 asked: Share 10 random facts about yourself, then send this to 10 of your lovely followers!

    Ten facts.. huh.  I have a difficult time thinking of 10 interesting things about myself…

    1. I’m a “schizoid personality”. I’ve spent more than 7 years working on altering the very core of my personality and I’ve made significant changes, but I’ll never be the same as most people.  No, that’s not a scary thing.  Click the link before you (meaning you the reader and not specifically i-choose-fit) freak out at the “scary name”, please.  Thanks.
    2. I nearly died at childbirth.  The doctors assumed that I was stillborn and had to force my birth.  They didn’t know that I was alive until they cut the umbilical cord and I began to cry on my own.  I’m told that the doctors and nurses kind of went into a flurry of activity at that point.
    3. ….. this caused a problem with my short term memory.  In a nod to the old TV show Quantum Leap, I refer to this as my “swiss cheese memory”.
    4. I think almost exclusively in visualizations.  Even simple sentences are visualized as myself or someone who’s talking, or more frequently as the images and / or situations involved.  This is why I can process and memorize a great deal of information, but why I’m not a very good speaker.  Is this normal?  I don’t actually know!  You would think I would.. lol
    5. I’m male.  It seems like the vast majority of people who hit my Tumblr see the artistic icon that I use and simply assume that I’m female.  While I kind of wish I were, I’m not. :P  It’s just artwork, people - really good artwork, but just artwork.
    6. I ignore Valentine’s Day because it’s way too commercialized, but I’m inclined to be very romantic (I enjoy doing flowers, candle light, massages, et al, just to surprise).  I’ve learned to not really do this, though, because this type of random romantic behavior has been frowned on by the few women who I’ve dated.
    7. almost to 10..! I lost at least 80% of my hearing near the beginning of 2012. I had what seemed to be a typical cold, it went away, and then I suddenly had incredible pain in my ear then poof, virtually no hearing remained.  The doctor who checked my ears could find nothing wrong, but prescribed some generic antibiotics and told me “see if this works”.  Apparently it did, though one of my ears never quite fully recovered.  At that time I had recently finished the Shizune Hakamichi storyline in Katawa Shoujo… that was powerful synchronicity.
    8. I’ve never liked sports.  I still don’t.  I’ve never understood the super athletic type, either. I prefer to sit comfortably with a book in quiet.  Yet I force myself to exercise anyway.
    9. I’ve had around 12 paranormal experiences, most of which were significant (eg; I was awoken by the covers being pulled off of me as I slept alone in my locked room).  The domain name that I now use on Tumblr (ShadowsInMotion.com) was originally used for the website where I shared my experiences.
    10. Bones broken over the years:  Wrist, multiple toes, and ribs.  The ribs hurt like hell.  The others were more of a dull ache and/or consistent awkward feeling.

  2. Write Down Ideas BEFORE You Leave A Room


    I’m going to agree with the suggestion that it’s context that affects the actual memory, but in any case, this is quite fascinating.  I’m a psych major though, so of course I find this interesting.